Online Advanced Legal English

Based on Cambridge University Press International Legal English 

The course consists of lectures, exercises, tutorials and assignments conducted in English. It wishes to develop students’ abilities to critically analyze legal texts in English, and to create and edit their own English texts in legal contexts. 

ALE Course for Lawyers is based on the Cambridge University Press International Legal English. This is one of the leading textbooks within the teaching material, thanks to the breadth of topics it covers.

University Press International Legal English

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The most important things you will learn with this course
  • Competence in understanding common English legal phrases
  • Ability to draft and analyse prevailing written legal instruments with required clarity and precision
What you'll get

If you choose to buy the whole course, you will get a full access to all lectures and additional material for six months. When you choose to buy single course lectures, you get a 30-day access to each of them. We also provide special packages, according to the lecture's topic: eg. get Company Law units (Unit 2 and Unit 3) for a special discounted price.

Study Method

This course is based on distance learning, thus allowing you to learn when you want and where you want. You can study from home or at work, it is completely up to you. The programme consists of 16 weekly 60 min video classes.


Our legal trainers are qualified lawyers which gives our course a huge advantage. They have good understanding of your professional requirements.

What level of English is required to start?

Intermediate or higher*

This online Legal English course covers a wide range of legal areas including:
  • Legal systems and procedures
  • Company, contract and employment law
  • Real property and intellectual property law
  • Negotiable instruments
  • Secured transactions
  • Competition law
When does the course start?

When you register and your submission is reviewed, lectures you have bought will be unlocked on the Lectures page. Lectures will be published every Monday, starting October 5. You can see the release dates of each lecture on the same page.


Buy the whole course for 200€ (or 20.000 RSD), or - if you want to choose units you want to cover, each will cost 25€ (2.500 RSD).

Make sure to check out the Sign Up page for our special offers - you can get unit bundles for a discounted price!


In addition to this online course, at your request,  we can create your tailor-made course : a specific training program designed to meet your Company demands and  specific needs. Together, analyzing  your specific issues, we can build together an appropriate and adapted legal English course which will be organized in terms that correspond to your business schedule.